Chronic Pain’s Relationship to Microscopic Scarring of Elastic, Collagen-Based, Connective Tissues


Chronic pain and its relationship to Microscopic Scarring of Elastic, Collagen-based, Connective Tissues (an overview)

Are you aware that approximately one in 5 individuals suffers with chronic ache? Continual pain is depressing, and can quick make each day your non-public “Mount Everest”. It impacts each area of your lifestyles, and can be seen to your face and on your eyes. The state-of-the-art scientific research likens brain scans of people struggling with continual pain, to those of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Those of you suffering with chronic ache were through all of the clinical assessments, but nobody can appear to tell you why you harm. You’re unwell of going to docs who not most effective do not understand what you need to address 24-7-365; they act like you are nothing more than a drug-seeker. Or a free-loader who is trying to acquire Social safety disability. Or a whining hypochondriac.

They observe you with blank stares and give you phrases of know-how like, “after all Mrs. Smith; you just are not as younger as you was.” Or they let you know that it is, “only a little arthritis”. Or perhaps they are attempting the state-of-the-art scheme, and let you know that your ache is being due to despair (even though contemporary research indicates that the alternative is toward the reality). Either way, you’ve got been through all of the checks, and tried all of the remedies; and you aren’t any closer to an answer than when you commenced. Consider it or now not, your trouble may be as simple as scar tissue.


A few collagen-primarily based connective tissues like bone and maximum cartilages, are a part of your frame’s load-bearing framework. Their motive is to resist Compressive Forces, even as grossly keeping the body’s form. Alternatively, you have the elastic, collagen-primarily based, connective tissues, whose leader activity is conquer the Tensile Forces which might be constantly trying to tug the frame apart. These tissues must be able to stretch; and includes ligaments, tendons, muscle groups, and fascia.

While healthful, these “elastic connective tissues” are all very similar. In case you had been to take a look at them underneath a microscope, you’ll notice that the man or woman collagen fibers all align in a totally orderly and prepared parallel fashion to every other —- sort of like well-combed hair. On the other hand, กระดาษทิชชู่ when these tissues are injured through overuse (jobs, sports activities, and many others) or trauma (sports, vehicle wrecks, etc), they turn out to be disorganized and have a tendency to take on a “Weaved Basket” look microscopically. We now emerge as with injured tissues whose microscopic fibers run each which manner — in all 3 dimensions. The injured tissue will become very disorganized, with man or woman fibers acting greater like a wadded up and tangled “hairball” than well-combed hair. As you can imagine, this “micro-scarring” is a huge problem.


Microscopic scar tissue is complex due to the fact it’s miles dramatically one of a kind than healthy tissue. A number of the approaches that it differs encompass;

SCAR TISSUE IS WEAKER: As you could imagine, the tangled “clump” of tissue that characterizes a microscopic scar is a ways weaker than regular connective tissue. You already know this. Sprain an ankle, and it’s miles less difficult to sprain it over and over and again.

SCAR TISSUE IS much less ELASTIC: this is a no-brainer. The hairball is less elastic than well-combed hair. Observe it every other way. Put your hands out in the front of you with the palms facing away. Now run the palms from one hand, back and forth, among the hands from the opposite hand. Word how the hands go with the flow? Now run your hands from one hand to the alternative, and ball up your palms. This is what tangled and twisted connective tissues do microscopically. Subsequently, they lose their stretchiness and elasticity.
SCAR TISSUE DOES not OXYGENATE properly: called hypoxia, reduced oxygenation is very harmful because oxygen is crucial for healing to occur. When connective tissues are injured, swelling happens; and it’s far this aggregate of swelling and twisted / tangled tissue that restricts the blood float and oxygen deliver to the connective tissues. Loss of oxygen also creates a very acidic environment, which is detrimental to the healing technique and health in wellknown.

SCAR TISSUE IS exclusive NEUROLOGICALLY: It is straightforward to look how microscopic scarring is exclusive mechanically. What most docs fail to tell you is that scar tissue is extraordinary neurologically as nicely. The cutting-edge research tells us that the nerves in scar tissue can behavior ache up to 1,000 instances extra efficiently than everyday tissue. This creates what’s knows as kind III pain (Supersensitivity).
Abnormally functioning nerves in scar tissue, result in troubles like faded proprioception (which reasons degenerative arthritis and joint deterioration). It could additionally result in HYPERALGIA (extreme sensitivity to pain — stimulus that need to motive a touch ache reasons exceptional quantities of pain), or ALLODYNIA (stimulus which do now not usually purpose any pain, now causes ache). In human beings managing underlying scar tissue, these 3 often overlap.


The most abundant connective tissue in your body is fascia. Although you may have by no means heard the time period “fascia” before, you surely have visible it and recognise what it’s far. It is the thin (almost translucent), white / yellow membrane that surrounds muscle tissues —– or a pot roast. While docs diagnose a “pulled muscle”, about 95% of the time, the trouble isn’t with the muscle itself, however with the membrane-like “sheath” that wraps the muscle like cellophane. Fascia is a tough layer of fibrous, collagen-based totally connective tissue that permeates the human body all through. It is the skinny connective tissue that surrounds muscle tissues, corporations of muscle mass, blood vessels, and nerves; binding those systems together in lots the equal manner that plastic wrap may be used to keep sandwiches together. Fascia is the tissue wherein the musculoskeletal device, circulatory gadget, and nervous machine, all converge. Fascia includes several layers, and extends uninterrupted from the pinnacle of the pinnacle to the top of the feet, and is arguably, the unmarried most ache-sensitive tissue within the human body. Nor does it display up on any contemporary diagnostic imaging. This creates continual pain’s “ideal hurricane”. Assume for a second how extreme this situation is. The unmarried maximum painful tissue inside the body (fascia) does not display up on even the maximum superior diagnostic exams. Lots of you who are suffering with persistent ache recognize full properly what this means. It means that docs stare at you with a clean appearance, at the same time as imparting to give you every other prescription, or ship you to any other specialist —– even though you have got already been through all of that — several times over! Those ” Fascial Adhesions ” can cause a huge type of signs and diverse ache Syndromes. As outstanding because it sounds, a nearly same tissue version is being used to give an explanation for tendinitis.


Tendons are the hard, white, “cords” that connect muscular tissues to bones. Overuse accidents of the body’s numerous muscle tendons is a main motive for medical doctor visits. Despite the fact that those accidents are often referred to generically as “tendinitis”, tendinitis is truly an incorrect time period within the massive majority of instances. During the last decade, medical research has shown conclusively that the predominant cause of “tendinitis” isn’t always infection. In other words, the medical proof is saying that the perpetrator in maximum tendon issues isn’t always inflammation of the tendon (aka “itis”), however is rather an “osis” of the tendon. The suffix “osis” indicates that there is a derangement of, or even a deterioration of the man or woman collagen fibers that make up the tendon. The fact is, even though doctors (along with me) still use the term “tendinitis” with sufferers, their AMA-mandated ICD-9 analysis Codes generally indicate that the hassle is “tendinosis” or “tendinopathy”.

Am I splitting hairs, semantically talking? Am I creating a massive deal out of not anything? I can permit one of the international’s pinnacle tendon researchers and orthopedic surgeons answer that query:

“Tendinosis, on occasion known as tendinitis, or tendinopathy, is damage to a tendon at a cellular stage (the suffix “osis” implies a pathology of chronic degeneration without infection). It’s far concept to be resulting from micro-tears within the connective tissue in and around the tendon, main to an increased range of tendon restore cells. This may cause reduced tensile energy, therefore growing the chance of repetitive damage or maybe tendon rupture. Tendinosis is regularly misdiagnosed as tendinitis due to the restrained understanding of tendinopathies by way of the medical community.” Tendon researcher, Dr. GA Murrell from an editorial called, “information Tendinopathies” within the December 2002 trouble of The British magazine of sports medicine.

As you ought to be noticing, the fashions describing harm to the diverse collagen-based, elastic, connective tissues are absolutely identical. This is vital for physicians to apprehend, due to the fact the microscopic scarring this is the motive of multiple pain Syndromes can all be addressed in comparable fashion. The medical community has understood this for a completely long term.

Sadly they have got unnoticed it and largely targeted on treating signs and symptoms via prescribing an array of pain killers, anti-irritation capsules, muscle-relaxers, and corticosteroid injections. Due to the fact those drugs do no longer cope with the underlying hassle (tissue restrict) that is associated with microscopic scar tissue, they by no means simply paintings — in particular over the lengthy haul. They also reason the affected joints to undergo an increasingly elevated degeneration procedure. Lack of normal variety of motion (joint restriction) is the acknowledged reason of degeneration —– and degeneration causes loss of variety of movement. Repeat. It is a vicious cycle. Notice how ache isn’t always truly a part of the cycle (at the least at the beginning). It’s far a derivative of the cycle as it spins round and round and around. Instead of focusing almost completely on symptomatic remedy, the real question ought to be, “How can this cycle be damaged”? Can you are saying I.I.R.E.C-B.C.T. Tissue reworking?


I.I.R.E.C-B.C.T. Isn’t always the ultra-modern electronic gizmo. It stands for Intrument caused transforming of the Elastic Collagen-primarily based Connective Tissues (in any other case acknowledged in my medical institution as “Tissue transforming”). Even though it has handiest been around for a couple of decades in its present shape, the chinese language had been the use of something comparable for numerous thousand years. Our Tissue transforming remedy permits the treating physician to correctly stumble on and treat, fascial adhesions and microscopic scarring of the elastic, collagen-primarily based tissues.

TREATING patients with “TISSUE remodeling treatment”

Dr. Schierling has been in practice in Mountain View, Missouri for 2 a long time, and for 1/2 of that time he has been using Tissue remodeling to deal with a huge form of troubles (affected person Testimonials). Those include chronic neck and again ache, shoulder (rotator cuff), elbow, wrist, hip (and buttock), knee, and ankle problems; Piriformis Syndrome, persistent complications, tendinitis / tendinosis, muscle issues, bursitis, Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shin splints, DeQuervain’s Syndrome, ITB Syndrome, and too many others to listing.

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