How Payoneer Can Help Freelancers Receive Money In Pakistan?

How Payoneer Can Help Freelancers Receive Money In Pakistan?

As you already know that payoneer is the online payment service which is most popular service. It is founded in 2005 and It aims to serve worldwide but now It’s serving in 200+ countries and multiple currencies. As you know Payoneer is one of the most growing online payment service. It is flexible and very easy to use.

Digital marketers and freelancers love to use Payoneer because It isn’t restricted or limited like Paypal. No doubt! Paypal is the good service but due to privacy and security issues they aren’t providing their services in those countries who are involved in money laundering or the countries which are enlisted in the grey list.

You can easily make Payoneer account to receive or send funds. There isn’t any additional charges of Payoneer. It is one of the most affordable services.

Payoneer in Pakistan is growing day by day because number of digital marketers are also growing. No matter what services, products or resources you are providing online, Payoneer assists it’s users a lot. You can make multiple bank accounts with multiple currencies to get or send funds worldwide. You don’t need to visit physically now you can manage your all payoneer services, mastercard from your android phone or from their web based application.


As you know that some services like Paypal aren’t available for Pakistan so, you can’t create account in Pakistan. Payoneer allows users to create account in Pakistan. You can easily register your account. There is a process of registration through which you can get your Payoneer account easily. before I tell you the complete process, let me tell you that you need the scanned copy of your national identity card or driving license or you can also add any kind of government approved documents. Make sure while registering you are entering all the original and authentic data. You can register your account from their official website easily and you will be notified about your account status via email. You have to wait for 2-3 days for approval.

Sign up Bonus:

Sign up bonus is the reward or the bonus price which is being paid by Payoneer for many years. Do you want to know about the Sign up bonus? Let me brief you! You can get your sign up bonus if your existing account or friends account invite you to create account and If you create account on the invitation link then you and your buddy will get Payoneer $25 in Pakistan.

Remember that: The sign up bonus will be transfered to your account if you register your account on the invitation link and after the transaction of 1000$.

Receiving Payments:

You can receive payments in Pakistan via Payoneer. You can add your local bank account in your payoneer account to get funds online. If you receive payment and you want to withdraw the funds then there are some options through which you can withdraw your funds but we will discuss them later.

If you want to receive funds on your payoneer account then you need to work on the market places properly, you can do affiliate marketing, blogging and freelancing to get funds online.

In blogging you need to create your blog and you have to drive traffic to your blog and If you generate income by any ad network then you can receive funds in your Payoneer account.

In freelancing you have to give services It depends upon your skills, you have to drive clients or customers, make sales and get income in your payoneer account.

In affiliate marketing you have to sell others products and services and you can get paid on your payoneer account with ease.

Withdrawing Funds:

In case if you receive payments or funds and you want to withdraw them then there are basic three options you can use.

You can withdraw your funds via mastercard. You can get your visa mastercard from the payoneer and you can use it to any standard chartered atm machine or any international supporting machine to withdraw your funds.

You can add your local bank account in your payoneer account. It will ask you all the detail of your bank and after complete verification you can easily get paid via local bank account. You can withdraw your funds easily.

Third and last option is that you can hire any exchanger and deal with him or her and get your funds easily on the local scale but this option is risky.


In case of any error, question or issue, you can contact with the support of Payoneer, they provide complete assistance. You can get in to touch with them to get complete help care.

Payoneer has great support or response rate. If you are a novice in freelancing and blogging then you are confused about the service then you can get complete assistance from their chat helpline or you can check their forum discussion.


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