Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Security Gates

Produced for retail customer facing facades and other business and modern structures, MaxGuard rock solid, steel, security doors give most extreme security, with greatest quality at the best estimation of any substantial collapsing entryway in the business. Simple Glide trackless doors are an unrivaled built, high caliber, trackless entryway choice which conveys amazing insurance for areas where overhead track can’t be utilized.
MaxGuard substantial, scissor entryways can be introduced on structure insides or outsides and over entryways or windows. Worked to last, MaxGuard collapsing, security doors are uniquely fabricated to best fit every area. With a casing on every one of the four sides, MaxGuard entryways offer high quality, greatest security and durable sturdiness at a brilliant worth security folding gate.
For entryways introduced over entryways or in walkways, MaxGuard doors incorporate collapsing base track. Different highlights incorporate an alternative to pivot or swing the door, worked in locks, welded mounting sections, track pins, fortified top tracks, maintenance hooks, elastic track guards, stick jolts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Introduced in retail customer facing facades, drug stores, weapon shops, pawn shops, gems stores, workplaces, parking structures, secure document stockpiling zones, device rooms or anyplace nightfall security is required, MaxGuard substantial, collapsing, security entryways lock it up and keep them out.
Designed to work without tracks, Easy Glide Trackless Gates give astounding security to zones where an overhead track can’t be utilized.
Simple Glide entryways are normally utilized behind move up ways to enable the ways to be open for ventilation during business hours while counteracting unapproved get to. For night-time, Easy Glide entryways give auxiliary security in case of a break-in. However, Easy Glide trackless entryways are not constrained to use on dock entryways or distribution center entryways.
Simple Glide trackless entryways can be introduced within or outside to verify retail facades, to close off nooks or to cover entryways and windows. Simple Glide doors function admirably in structures with drop roofs, in foyers, as room dividers, as part of the bargain and over technician’s bayous. Simple to introduce, Easy Glide trackless doors convey quality and security for areas where utilizing an entryway with track isn’t an alternative.

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