The Benefits of Getting a Verified Payoneer Account in Pakistan (2019 Guide)

The users of Payoneer in Pakistan are growing day by day because of its outstanding service. Payoneer is one of the best online payment services. As you know there are many more services which assist you to send or receive payment online but Payoneer is perfect because It has a lot of features and functionalities.

Payoneer Online Payment

Features of Payoneer Online Payment Service In Pakistan:

  • Get $25 For Joining Payoneer: If you are desiring to join then you can learn How To Get Payoneer In Pakistan then It sounds good because upon joining Payoneer offers 25$ to it’s new users but If you sign up on someone’s invitation link then you and the inviter both will get 25$ sign up bonus. There isn’t any sign up charges even Payoneer pays for joining or creating account. One thing you have to keep in your mind that 25$ will be transferred in your account after 1000$ transactions.
  • Get a Virtual Account in USA Bank: No matter whether If you are in Pakistan or anywhere else, you don’t need to create fake accounts or go their physically because now with the help of Payoneer, you can get a virtual account in USA bank. It’s an amazing service. You can create USA bank and you can easily manage your dollar currency. If you want to withdraw your dollars here in Pakistan, you can use their mastercard or you can attach your local bank account.
  • Receive Amazon Affiliate Money: If you are an affiliate marketer (The market who sells others product and get paid as per commission) and you are willing to earn money online via affiliate marketing then you can easily receive your money because Payoneer is affiliated with those marketplaces and they offer direct Payoneer payment.
  • Fastest Service to Receive Payments It is one of the speedy online payment service where you can receive payment at very short time and you don’t need to wait for days or months. It allows you to get payment instantly or you can send payment.
  • Buy Stuff Online and Make Local Payments: Are you fond of e-commerce or online shopping? No matter whether if you are going to start up an ecommerce business or you do online shopping in both cases Payoneer can help you out because you can easily attach this card or you can easily use this account for online shopping purpose because Payoneer aims to serve worldwide and currently It is serving in 200+ countries with multiple currencies.
  • Withdraw Anywhere in World in Their Local Currency: In pakistan you can easily withdraw your money with two ways. You can attach your local bank account with your payoneer account and you can easily withdraw your money in the local currency or you can withdraw your money from your mastercard. The payoneer mastercard can only be accessed in the standard chartered ATM because they deals with the international currency and you can get your funds easily in your local currency.
  • No Hidden Fees: There isn’t any hidden charges, yes! Payoneer doesn’t charge any kind of funds from the users, there is a fixed charges per year for the renewal and that is 25$, other charges are based on three to four operations, the balance inquiry, payout or withdraw, the charges are based on the current exchange rate or on your local bank.
  • Make Money Using Payoneer: You can earn money online via Payoneer easily, you don’t need to go anywhere else, just choose Payoneer as your marketplace and generate revenue from Payoneer. You just have to make clients of Payoneer, just send invitation link to your buddies and mates and try to make more referring users and you will get paid for each user and their transactions.
  • Receive your AdSense Payments if you are in USA or UK: If you are a blogger or you do blogging as your earning source then you need to select Adsense as your ad network and you can use Payoneer USA and UK for your payment funding, you can easily get paid online.
  • Integrate Payoneer with PayPal: If you have Paypal account and you want to withdraw it’s funds or you want to send funds to Paypal, In both cases you can easily send your payment via Payoneer, you can easily integrate your Paypal with Payoneer.
  • Fastest Local Bank Transfer: It transfer all the funds at the local banks of Pakistan in a very short interval, Yes! you don’t need to wait for longer time. It transfers funds to local banks fastly.
  • Send Money to Friends Without any Fees: You make your friends and family list and you can easily transfer money to them without any fees. Payoneer takes care of you and your circle, no matter wherever you are or what currency your friends and family have, just send them money on their local bank account.
  • Amazing Customer Support: In case of any error, issue or question, you can get in to touch with their customer support. You can easily get assistance anytime anywhere.

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