The Big Question: Why is art important? (article)

New Media Revolution And Its Relationship To Artists

Visual expressions involve numerous types of craftsmanship—painting, drawing, design, music, writing and execution workmanship being the most generally perceived. In any case, with the mechanical insurgency, others structures have risen.

Things being what they are, what painting with diamonds  is the connection between these new types of articulation and contemporary craftsmen? Max Kostenko and Pino Lamanna sympathetically responded to my inquiries, giving us understanding into the theme.

Max Kostenko is a Russian artist. He has some expertise in 3-D advanced representation and character plan. He functions as a consultant for some Russian studios and offices around the world, for example, Kotetkat and Lemonade.Pino Lamanna, otherwise called SchakalWal, is an artist and visual architect from Germany who spends significant time in corporate structure, character plan and typography.

Please present yourself and your work. How could you begin in the field?

Max Kostenko: My name is Max Kostenko. I’m 23 years of age, and I am a craftsman and artist from Moscow. I have been doing delineations for around one year. Previously, I labored for a long time as a Web creator in different Moscow Web studios.

Pino Lamanna: Hi. My name is Pino Lamanna. I am a 27-year-old half-Italian, half-German advanced craftsman living and working in the city of Wuppertal, in Germany.

I as of now fill in as an independent fashioner, gaining practical experience in special marking, high quality typography and character plan. A large portion of my work is profoundly impacted by spray painting and road craftsmanship, old fashioned kid’s shows and the music I tune in to. My point is to make smart, exceptional and valuable plans with a urban curve.

I made my first strides as an architect as a little child, drawing funny cartoons with my very own superheroes. Afterward, in my adolescent years, I wound up intrigued by the spray painting and road craftsmanship development.

The principal thing that pulled in me to advanced craftsmanship was photograph control. Through that, I was acquainted with Adobe Photoshop and a few advanced workmanship networks. Afterward, I changed my concentration to delineation, marking and typography, which I think suits me best.

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