You could think,”It’s only hair”, but consider this: What would you do if you wake up one day with no single strand of hair on your head? However, since we’ve mentioned, hair loss is a natural physiological process. In the hair growth cycle, the old hair has to be shed in order for new hair to grow Puri Hair . As we get older, our body’s capability to produce hair also slows down much like when our bones stop growing at a certain stage in our lives.

To better understand hair loss, let us start by talking about the science behind hairloss. How does the hair cycle function?

Hair anatomy simplified

Our hair is part of that which we call the integumentary system of the human body, which also comprises the skin and nails. Hair isalso, in actuality, a type of modified skin. It is made up of keratin, a form of nourishment, and is generated in tunnel-like structures in the skin known as follicles. Inside the hair follicle is the hair follicle that’s comprised of cells that deposition keratin and melanin, which is responsible for giving your hair its color. The hair which breaks through your skin from the follicle is the hair shaft. The shaft is basically composed of dead cells comprised of skin fibers. In reality, the totality of hair on our head is a massive lump of lifeless cells, which explains why we do not experience any pain once we go to get a haircut. visit for more info

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