When handpicking your engagement ring, finding that perfect fit can prove a bit tricky, but there are a few methods that you can use to get an accurate measurement:

Method 1

Visiting a local jeweller is one of the most reliable ways to measure your ring size. Most jewellers have a ring sizing tool that they can use to determine your ring size and potentially rings which you can try on in that size to find what you find most comfortable.

Method 2

Use a silicone/ paper ring sizer. You can also purchase a ring sizer online or at a jewellery store. A ring sizer is a small tool that has a series of ring sizes marked on it. You simply slide the tool onto your finger and find the size that fits comfortably. This is perfect for those trying to find your partner’s size without being too obvious.

Method 3

Use a piece of string or paper you have lying around the house to measure your finger. Wrap the string or paper around the base of your finger and mark where the ends meet. Then, measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler to determine your ring size.

Method 4

Measure an already existing ring. If you have a ring that already fits you well or you’re trying to keep the engagement a secret, you can measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler and compare it to a ring size chart to determine your ring size.

Method 5

Print out a ring size chart. You can find printable ring size charts online that allow you to measure your finger using a piece of paper. Simply print out the chart, cut out the ring sizer, and wrap it around your finger to find your size.

Method 6

Try on ready made ring samples. Some jewellery stores offer ring samples that you can try on to get a sense of your size. This can be particularly helpful if you’re unsure of your size or if your finger size falls in between two standard sizes.

Method 7

Ask your partner or your partner’s friend. If you’re planning a surprise proposal and don’t want to give away the surprise, you can ask a close friend or family member to help you determine your partner’s ring size. They may have an idea of their size or be able to help you covertly measure their finger.

Remember, it’s important to get an accurate measurement to ensure that your ring fits comfortably and securely. If you’re still unsure about your size, you can always consult with a jeweller or try multiple methods to ensure that you get an accurate measurement. Keep in mind that your fingers can change size depending on factors such as the time of day, temperature, and even your diet. It’s best to measure your finger when it is at its average size, which is typically in the afternoon or evening when your fingers are slightly larger.