Common Mistakes Homeowners Make when Tree Trimming

Tree health care is dependent on trimming the branches. If homeowners attempt to trim their trees themselves, they could end up doing more harm than good.

These three mistakes are common in tree pruning and can be avoided by homeowners to protect their landscape. A skilled arborist is the best choice to ensure that the job gets done correctly.

Pruning the Wrong Branches

Homeowners who try DIY tree trimming make the most common mistake of choosing the wrong branches or cutting them at the wrong season. There are specific times that work best for each type of tree regardless of its physical appearance.

Trimming trees at the wrong time of the year can cause tree damage by attracting insects to the sap and stunting the growth or flowers.

It is also important to determine the location of the cut. It is important not to cut through the “branch collar” when tree pruning. The base of the branch is where the branch collar connects. It is the branch’s thickest density.

This can cause a lot more sap loss and slow healing. To get the best results homeowners should leave at least 1 inch at the base of the branch. This will ensure that the collar remains intact.

Use the wrong tools for tree care

Some homeowners might be tempted to grab any pair of scissors or shears they have lying around when it is time to prune trees. The tree’s health can be affected if the shears used for trimming are not the right type. Arborists and homeowners should always use tree trimming shears.

The right shears are important, but so is their age and sharpness. The shears should be sharper to ensure a clean cut and less stress on the tree. It may take several attempts with dull shears to cut through branches. This can lead to an unnecessarily large injury on the tree.

Tree disease can result from poor sanitation

The truth is that trees can become sick with viruses and bacteria like other animals. This is something many homeowners don’t know about plant care. Arborists and homeowners should ensure that the tree trimming shears are thoroughly cleaned before moving between trees to prevent spreading of disease or fungus. To clean the shears, you can use alcohol to rub alcohol.

Another common mistake homeowners make is to leave the trimmings piled up under the trees. The pile of cut leaves and branches can become a breeding ground for bugs and diseases. If possible, it is best to remove the trimmings from your yard and have them removed by yard trash collection.

Tree care professionals are trained to recognize signs and symptoms of tree disease. It is important to treat the disease as soon as possible in order to prevent the tree from falling victim to infection or disease. For signs of tree disease, homeowners should schedule an annual assessment with a professional tree service company.

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