Do you have a new air conditioner? Before buying your new air conditioner, You must to know the following installation rules so that your air conditioner always works optimally.

1. Choosing the right room

Choose the room where you normally spend a lot of time to move. Bedroom, office, or family room can be the right choice. By choosing a room that is often used, you can feel the benefits of air conditioning with more leverage.

2. Keep the air conditioner out of direct sunlight

After choosing a room, imagine the room. Think about the number and direction of the window, the sunlight, and the shape of your room.

You need to remember that the air conditioner should not be placed in a place exposed to sunlight. The reason, the AC works by taking hot air from inside your home and throw it through the outdoor unit. So, the warmer the air around the AC, the harder your AC works. For that, place your air conditioner in a corner of the room that is shadier. You can also try to buy blaux portable ac to be used wherever you want, there are so many benefits that you can feel when you buy blaux portable ac.

3. Keep the air conditioner away from the air vents. Your air

The air conditioner has a filter to ensure the cleanliness of the air that enters your room. However, an AC filter cannot permanently store dust and dirt from the air. To reduce the absorption of dust and dirt, avoid installing air conditioners close to the air vents. Particles from vents can clog filters and make it difficult for air conditioners to circulate the air in your room.