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Make HD Quality Bokeh Video Effects for Android for Free

Lately, in the world of videography and videography, the bokeh effect is very popular because it looks more charming, beautiful, fun, and makes it look fun.

Even today, many people have uploaded videos of themselves both in Instagram stories and in Instagram posts with bokeh video effects and bokeh videos.

The problem is, this effect looks difficult to create because, with so much twinkle around it, the skin becomes white and smooth. It takes graphic design skills to make it.

But over time, actually now to make a bokeh video effect or bokeh video you just need to take a video of yourself, then let the bokeh application edit it.

Blur Bokeh Camera

The effects given in this application are a blur, flicker, and smooth, and whiten the skin. If you look closely, your skin will look healthier and the background will be more beautiful.

The following features are presented:

  • When turning on the camera, there will be a bokeh effect immediately.
  • Can edit the image/video that you want to add effects to
  • Can zoom in and out by inserting blur background.
  • Can mix the background yourself or at will.
  • Can be shared directly on social media, such as Instagram.
  • There is a Brush effect that makes videos beautiful.
  • DSLR Camera Blur Effect, Bokeh Effect video

The next thing that can be installed and tried is the DSLR camera blur effect, bokeh effect videos. This app has super nice and beautiful DSLR camera effects just like the real thing.

What’s interesting about this application is that it produces 4K HD videos where the videos are very clear, almost like using a DSLR camera>

These are more or less features:

  • Can crop with high-resolution HD video/video and can make background blurry or whatever you like.
  • Can detect faces accurately.
  • Can enter text directly when turning on the camera.
  • There are color effects, balance, scene modes, and exposure compensation.
  • Can zoom in and zoom out the video.
  • Many other features were not mentioned.

1. Camera MX

The first full mp3 bokeh video application is called Camera MX – video & Video Camera.

This application has a high standard because it can produce bokeh videos that are very professional in the same class as edits on film.

Amazingly, this application is capable of producing high-resolution videos and can make images more stable even though when shooting the camera shakes.

2. Google Camera

It’s no wonder that many Android users have finally decided to make Google Camera a replacement for the default camera.

Not only capable of producing 4000 movie full HD quality videos, but the bokeh effect produced by Google Camera is also quite neat. Also, this application is also able to minimize shocks when recording so that the results will be more stable. For other information, please visit video bokeh museum.