Many bachelors tend to go to a warehouse furniture shop and pick out all the pieces for their homes in one shopping trip. Whether this is laziness or a feeling that one is expected to furnish an apartment as soon as one moves in, the result is often bland and does not make your pad feel like home. Here are some tips on creating your personal space.

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Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you come straight home from work, kick back, and start gaming for the rest of the evening, perhaps interspersed with heating a microwaved dinner? Are you a fitness junkie who rushes in and gets changed for gym, then comes back to make a healthy smoothie and prepare a salad? How often do you entertain and who? A girlfriend or a bunch of dudes?

With an understanding of what makes life worth living for you, you can put together a list of furniture that you cannot be without. For example, if you watch a lot of television, then a TV Cabinet VidaXL or entertainment center and TV stand are almost mandatory. This could be teamed with a relaxing chair, a bachelor’s pride and joy.

Being clear on your needs will prevent you from purchasing a whole lot of items you don’t need. Are you ever going to sit at a dining room table to eat your pizza or burger? If not, spend that money on something of value to you.

Bring Out Your Adult Side

As a young bachelor who has just moved into his first pad, you can be forgiven for thinking a lazy-boy and a pool table are décor. However, you cannot live with a lack of elegance in your home forever if you want your parents to take you seriously or are thinking of taking the next step with your partner. Consider if you would feel comfortable inviting your boss and his partner over while hoping for a big promotion.

Here is an array of bachelor pad ideas to suit any taste with tips for stylish décor.

Essential Items for Every Bachelor

Believe it or not, you are going to be cooking meals at some point. You want to get in some practice before you cook for the person of your dreams. Get a chef knife as it makes preparation simple and quick, and makes you look like an expert chef.

Get a dinner service with four to six of everything. Don’t forget a cutlery set. Extra coffee cups of different sizes are a must as every guest likes their coffee a specific way.

Food and sweat smells can build up. Keep scented candles and a diffuser handy to clear the air. Some romantic dinner candles will also come in handy.

Guests who use your bathroom will be reluctant to touch anything if you have a damp bath towel hanging over the shower. Get a heated toweling rail to dry it and have spare towels on hand. Change them frequently and use clean hand towels when you have visitors.

As a maturing gentleman, pay attention to sophistication and cleanliness when it comes to furnishing your bachelor pad.