Window cleaning tools and techniques have undergone countless improvements in the past decades. Modern window cleaning tools are hugely effective at performing their duties and can enable even the average homeowner to achieve a near-professional shine on their windows. In this post, we take a look at the history of window cleaning tools and techniques to see how they have evolved over time.

Traditional Window Cleaning Methods

Window cleaning has a long history, with windows dating back to ancient civilisations. However, mainstream window cleaning only started in the past few centuries as glass became cheaper and window became more prevalent. People used to clean windows with sponges and rags, fashioning homemade window cleaning solutions out of soapy water or vinegar. However, these window cleaning tools were not as effective and it would have been difficult to achieve a perfect, streak free finish.

Modern Window Cleaning

With the invention of various window cleaning tools and techniques, window cleaning was revolutionised. Some of the innovations that would forever change window cleaning include:

The Squeegee

The squeegee was a revolutionary new tool when it was invented. With its rubber edge, it was able to scrape away any dirt, grime, cleaning solution and water that remained on a window after you were done cleaning. This would prevent the dirty water from drying in place and leaving a streak.

Water-Fed Poles

Water-fed poles led to great improvements in safety for both professional window cleaners and homeowners alike. No longer would you have to endanger yourself to clean high and otherwise hard to reach windows. With the water-fed pole, you could simply connect a cleaning tool to the end and let the pool pump water and cleaning solution up to your high windows.

Microfibre Cloth

Unlike rags and other old cloths that people used to clean windows with, microfibre cloth was much more efficient, causing many homeowners to switch to using it for window cleaning when it first came out. Microfibre cloth is much more absorbent than regular cloth and also does not leave behind any streaks or lint.

Specialised Cleaning Solution

While homemade cleaning solutions like vinegar and soapy water may be useful for cleaning regular stains and grime, specialised cleaning solutions are the much better choice when it comes to window cleaning. There are countless different types of specialised cleaning solutions, with each one catering to a different need. For instance, a homeowner might remove mineral build-ups from hard water using a hard water stain remover.

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