Installing skylights can be a great way to let the natural light come inside your house. Natural lighting during the daytime can also help in saving power bills. Hence, let’s have a look at the types of stylish skylights and the best skylights to buy that are available in the market these days.

Ventilating Skylights: They are one of the most popular types of skylights that can provide natural lighting to any room in abundance. Installing this type of skylight would be like adding a new window to your house. It would provide lighting inside the house as well as provide a night view of the sky to you. People prefer picking ventilating skylights due to the ventilation and the lighting it provides. They are also suited for areas with excess moisture so that it doesn’t get trapped within the home.

Fixed Skylights: They are very similar to the ventilating skylights. The biggest difference would be that they do not provide any ventilation. If you do not need any type of ventilation in the room and would just need the lighting, then this skylight would be the apt one. Some prefer the fixed skylight option as they can be perfect for installing in hard-to-reach areas. If the ceilings of your homes are higher, then you can install this type of skylight to get dramatic lighting. Such skylights work well even on cathedral ceilings. The view from this skylight would be good and the amount of light it can bring to the room would be significant. 

Tubular Skylights: They are very convenient for those who lack space on their ceilings. The skylights are compact but it can still provide additional lighting to any of the rooms you would get it installed. It is more of a tube that starts from on top of the roof and goes down to the room where you would need the light. The tube can redirect natural sunlight down the shaft with the help of optical techniques. One of the conveniences these types of skylights offer is that you can angle the skylight to fit into spaces where you wouldn’t be unable to install any other type of skylight.

Tilt Window Skylights: They are a variation of the ventilated skylight. It is different from the usual normally ventilated skylights by opening differently. This type of skylight window usually has an upper hinge that would allow the window to open. Some people think that this way of opening a skylight is ideal and convenient but all of it depends on personal preference. Tilt window skylights provide an ample amount of natural sunlight in any room you get installed.

The skylight cost might vary from different types and the features, shapes, and usability it provides. The best skylights to buy would depend on personal preferences. You can opt for ventilating skylights, tubular skylights, or any other one that you prefer. However, consider the usability of the skylight before you opt for the skylight to make your home brighter and breezy!