Fleas are usually known for making your fluffy pets itch, but they can also invade your home and be a discomfort for your family. These insects love warm conditions and thrive in such places, which is also why they live on the bodies of mammals. While spotting them can be tricky due to their tiny size, it is certainly not impossible. 

By learning more about fleas and how they can create an infestation in your home, you will be able to get rid of them. If you notice your pets itching themselves a lot, or notice tiny jumpers on your furniture, call Pest Control before the situation gets out of hand. 

Flea infestation FAQ

  1. How do I know if there are fleas in my house?

When looking for fleas, you need to know where to start looking. Since fleas are very tiny and can be extremely hard to spot, it helps to know a few hacks and tricks. Check for the signs if you are worried about an infestation. 

Fleas usually attach themselves to clothing. If you find black spots on your light-colored clothes disappearing when you touch them, they are most probably fleas. Flea bites look like tiny red spots on human skin. If you find these marks on your body, be aware. 

  1. What causes a flea infestation?

A flea infestation occurs when your pet interacts with other pets or hangs out in a place where other animals with fleas have been before. Fleas travel from one animal’s body to another. When your pet comes inside your home or sits on your carpet, these tiny critters can spread to different places in your home, such as your carpet and other furniture. Since fleas love warmth, be extra aware of them during summer. 

  1. Are fleas a serious problem?

While fleas may not look like dangerous insects that sting you or have venom, they are certainly not pleasant to deal with. For one thing, they can lead to extremely uncomfortable itching and irritation, and some people may even experience allergic reactions. Furthermore, these critters can transfer diseases from one animal to another. It is usually recommended to call pest control to deal with flea infestations. 

  1. When are fleas most likely to attack?

Fleas do not have a specific time to attack. They can make their move anytime they want, but most people experience discomfort after being away for too long. When fleas do not get food for a long time, they will search for a host. People usually complain about fleas after moving into a rental home.