What happens if you neglect to clean the bottom of your boat?

Neglect to clean the bottom of your boat and you could potentially create an ecosystem or marine pests living beneath. If you’re new to hull cleaning activities, it is essential that you adopt a regular maintenance program for boat upkeep; cleaning the hull should be part of that routine.

What Happens if You Neglect to Clean the Bottom of Your Boat?

Optimizing boat performance necessitates hull cleaning as soon as fouling accumulates – typically every 4-12 weeks. A number of factors will determine when this should take place, including geographical location, water temperature, and salinity as well as usage patterns.

On average, cleaning (washing) a boat once every two weeks is recommended. However, if the vessel isn’t used and kept in closed storage, then there is no need for cleaning; however, if it is frequently used (daily or 3-4 times a week), then depending on its condition it may need cleaning once every week or two.

Though it’s ideal to wash your boat after each use, at a minimum, rinse after an outing in freshwater. But if you find yourself out in saltwater, remember to immediately wash your boat! The key to keeping your vessel squeaky clean and in top condition is regularly rinsing away dirt and grime.

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